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How to choose a pet nail clipper for your dog and cat?

Trimming your pet nails can be scary. It can also be hectic for your pet. However, vigorous dogs that run a lot wear out their nails naturally, and other dogs require a repetitive trim. You can cut your pet nails after a week or one month. Always ask your pet groomer or any veterinarian before you start your home.

Pet nail clippers are designed to cut your pet nails. These clippers are available in different styles. Reward your pet with a positive nail clipping schedule. Make this habit as stress-free as promising. Just think of being patient to do this.

What to ensure before your pet nail clipping?

Some pets have delicate feet, and they will not like them when touched. If possible, you need to make your pet used to it in its early life. You are touching your pet leg as well as putting pressure on each toe before cutting can support this. Keep in mind to reward your pet with a treat.

Additionally, you can also aid your pet by exhausting it with running or other types of exercise. When you feel uncomfortable while clipping your pet nails by yourself, ask your friend to help you retain your pet prepared.

Types of pet nail clippers

Selecting nail clippers for pets can be unclear as numerous varieties are accessible. Here is the list of varieties to cut nails of your pet.

  1. Scissor Clippers

Scissor clippers are also known as Miller’s Forge Trimmers. Scissor clippers perform like scissors and are better for large breeds of dogs, whose larger, thicker nails require additional force provided by the clippers.

  1. Guillotine Clippers

Guillotine clippers work like a guillotine. Just stick the nail end of your pet in the hole, then crush. A blade is pulled down, gradually slicing off the outermost part of your pet’s nail. This type of clipper is ideal for small as well as medium-sized dogs.

  1. Grinder Tools

Grinder tools are performed by wearing away the nail rather than clipping, which can be useful for large dogs having thick nails, and dogs who do not like the sensation of the cutters.




Training is essential to get your loved one familiar with the vibrating feeling of this tool. The process of grinding takes slightly longer as compared to the clipping method; therefore, patience is needed.

Why need pet grooming nail clippers?

Pet grooming nail clippers will help to retain your pet nails in check. Through repeated trimming your pet nails, you will care for yourself and increase your pet lifespan. If your pet has long nails, it can disturb their well-being and agility and could cause painful, deformed nails.

Pets use their toes while walking, not their nails. Thus, the longer your pet nails develop, the more distress they will face during the walk. First off, thick nails enhance the danger of your pet grief from a damaged nail.

As you see, nail breaking is more unsafe instead of clipping them. Nail breaking can harm the quick, and create discomfort for your pet in your absence. More fundamentally, it can result in blood loss through bleeding.

How to use pet grooming nail clippers?

When your dog looks more at comfort, here are some steps for clipping your dog nails:

  • Localize yourself as well as your dog in a room. Preferably, select one with white or colorless or walls.
  • If your dog hair is long, ponder trimming the hair before you start cutting their nails. In this way, you will have unhindered vision & there is no danger of trapping hair in your dog trimmer.
  • You can use a surgical mask to prevent inhaling nail dirt. Several dog owners catch this very annoying to the lung passageways.
  • Restraint your dog when you start clipping their nails.
  • Make sure your dog is in a relaxed mood.
  • If your dog has white or transparent nails, you will distinguish the quick. Trim your dog nails just above the quick.
  • If your dog has black nails, you cannot get quick. So, begin with small trims and start clipping at the end of the nail. If you perceive the dark spot, then stop clipping.
  • You can also use a filer or nail grinder for the entire procedure. Each time, keep nail grinder head moving to prevent heat generated on your dog nail that can create uneasiness.
  • Hold the trimmer in your right hand if you are right-handed.


On the other hand, using cat nail clippers needs some exercise because you cannot do this job whenever you need it. Of course, trimming claws by hand is not somewhat cats are familiar with naturally; thus, they might create anxiety when you attempt to trim their nails, particularly if you did not do it previously.

It is excellent to find your cat familiarized with cutting when young because that makes the method easier.

Our top picks of pet grooming nail clippers

  1. Dog Nail Clippers, Pet Nail Trimmers Tool for Dog & Large Animals

This pet nail clipper user-friendly grooming device, which is well accepted by several vets and pet groomers. It is designed for the medium as well as large-sized pets. This nail clipper is prepared by using stainless sharp steel blades.

This product is available with a safety end blade to prevent the danger of nail overcutting. It has non-slip latex covering handles to grasp comfortably and the spring that perfectly connects these handles, making it easy to use.

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  1. Cat Nail Clipper Sharp & Safe Claw Trimmer for Dog Cat Rabbit Small Pet

This pet nail clipper is very useful, highly suggested by pet groomers as well as veterinarians. It is the best nail clipper for cats currently, ideal for clipping nails of puppies, ferrets, kittens, and rabbits.

It has a design similar to scissors, containing a rubber layered handle and blades made of stainless steel. It has a safety lock among its handles, that can secure the clipper when not in usage, confirming safe packing or preventing unintentional use by kids.

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  1. Pet Nail Clipper, Electric Rechargeable Dog Cat Nail Grinder, Painless Paws Trimming

This dog nail grinder contains a top-class diamond bit grinder that makes it more operative and defines to trim nails without any risk of overcutting. It contains three grinding ports for trimming nails with different sizes.

This product can softly trim your dog nail without frightening them. You can use this tool for three, as it has a built-in battery. It is user-friendly, having a USB charging facility and battery design.

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  1. Pet Nail Clipper, Electric Dog Cat Nail Grinder, Painless Paws Trimming

This pet nail grinder contains cutting-edge Diamond Bit Grinder, making it useful pet claw trimmer and decreasing the danger of overcutting or trimming nails. This pet nail trimming device is particularly considered with the super voiceless motor, creating less sound and low vibration.

It has three ports for several trimming requirements. Port 1 is appropriate for cutting small-sized nails trimming, the second port is considered for large and medium-sized nails, and port three is used for fast cutting. It has two AA batteries, user-friendly, and very useful to use.

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