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4 Best Pet Feeding & Dispensers 2020

When it comes time to feed our pets, it's not always the best time, as we may be busy, at work or just out shopping, but with pet feeding and dispensers you don't have to rush home to feed the dog or cat. These new types of products are fast becoming popular among pet owners, and those that use them can't believe it wasn't thought of before, as they are so convenient and fun. Therefore, in this article today, we will be looking at some of the more popular and best selling products that pet owners are buying, and talking about what makes them so great, so read on the learn more.

1. Automatic Smart Pet Feeder for Dogs & Cats:

Automatic Smart Pet Feeder for Dogs & Cats

The Automatic Smart Pet Feeder for Dogs and Cats is one we highly recommend due to the large storage capacity and portion control. Holding 2.5kg of food there is no need to keep filling it up, which is handy if you're out because you don't have to worry if your cat is getting hungry. Setting this product up with your own individual needs, means that kitty gets the exact portion amount at the right time each day, and with the double power supply and high efficiency chip inside means lower power consumption.

This product is great even if you're going away for the weekend, you'll know that kitty will have his meals regularly and at his expected feeding time. Moreover, you don't have to worry if the power goes out for a few hours, because the Automatic Smart Pet Feeder for Dogs and Cats will continue to work. Even the price is great on this product right now, as it used to be almost $100, but now it's down to just $75.99, and you can check it out right here: https://www.peteee.com/products/smart-automatic-pet-feeder-for-dogs-cats; and see for yourself what a fantastic product this is.

2. Interactive Pet Toy Ball & Food Dispenser For Dog & Cat:

 Interactive Pet Toy Ball & Food Dispenser For Dog & Cat

This particular pet toy and food dispenser is great for keeping their minds active because they have to work at getting the treats out of the ball. It is designed in a tumbler shape with a labyrinth type inner structure, which really stimulates your dog or cat and keeps their minds active and healthy. It is also made of safe materials which is non toxic, and much more durable than other similar products, this also promotes healthy eating and reduces the risk of destructive behavior.

The labyrinth inner structure of this toy is designed to slow your pets progression when it comes to getting the treats out. Slowing his food intake results in improved digestion and lessens the chance of him vomiting due to eating too fast. In order for your dog, or cat to get food from this toy, he needs both paw and eye coordination which may also improve his intelligence. If you think this is the toy for your dog or cat, check it out here: https://www.peteee.com/products/interactive-play-toy-food-dispenser-for-dog-catand at only $15.99 we highly recommend this perfect toy.

3. Dog & Cat No-Spill Water Bowl, Vehicle Carried Pet Slow Water Dispenser:

Dog & Cat No-Spill Water Bowl, Vehicle Carried Pet Slow Water Dispenser

We've all had it where Fido is lapping up as much water as he can with most of it going all over the floor, what a mess. With this innovative product you get no mess, because this no spill water bowl is genius. The floating disc basically prevents splashing and overflowing, so no more messy floor. It's very easy to clean and has a large capacity too, with 1.5 liters it's enough to keep any pet going for the whole day, no matter how big he is.

The bowl is specifically designed to fit a pets natural drinking style so they don't gulp and it slows them down enough so you won't experience vomiting from them over drinking or drinking too fast. The floating disc also prevents your pets from getting excess water on their face, snout or beard, reducing the risk of skin disease brought on by a wet face. The high quality materials used to make this no spill water bowl ensures your pet will be safe when he drinks, and it comes in a variety of colors too. You can see this product for yourself here: https://www.peteee.com/products/dog-cat-water-bowl-vehicle-carried-pet-water-dispenserand with the recent price reduction from $27.99 to $18.99 you can't beat it.

4. Folding Pet Dog & Cat Food Feeding Bowl, Portable Travel Water Dish Silicone Bowl:

Folding Pet Dog & Cat Food Feeding Bowl, Portable Travel Water Dish Silicone Bowl

The last product in this article we wanted to share with you is this really smart folding travel bowl, because it's ideal for going on trips and takes up no extra space. Made from safe eco-friendly material, it's non toxic and heat resistant and even meets the FDA standard, and is super durable even when outdoors. It is available in both small and large so it's ideal for small dogs or cats, or you can get the larger version for larger dogs which can hold up to 32oz and comes in a variety of colors.


This bowl is non slip and collapsible, so it's ideal if you're taking your dog hiking or camping with you, because it can just slip into your backpack. It does also come with a color matching attachment which can easily be fastened to the outside of your backpack or travel crate. It also makes a perfect drinking or eating bowl for indoors too and at only $6.99 you could afford to get a few of them, some for indoors and some for when you're on the road. You can see more details and order it here:



When it comes to feeding or drinking time for your pet dog or cat, these innovative ideas are an excellent substitute for those old feeding bowls. With times changing and our ever busy lives, we don't always have time to feed the pet at the right time every day, but with these visionary dispensers you don't have to worry anymore. Although these few products are highly recommended by us, we can't fit them all into just one article, so we urge you to check out these and more at: https://www.peteee.com/collections/pet-feeding-dispenser and we know you will be surprised at how affordable these great products really are.

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