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How to use Pet toys right?

Pets can also be bored like us, so something interesting like pet toys is needed to help them have a healthy body and a happy mind.

Pet toys are not a luxury, but a necessity for pets as they can provide physical and mental stimulation to your pet.

Pets need our time and attention, but it is challenging to be with them all the time, which can lead to stress, boredom, and destructive behavior. Pet toys can be the best solution to reduce these negative behaviors in pets.

Dogs and cats have preferences and requirements for the toys, so you cannot choose any random toy from the market.

Here we review some of the best pet toys for dogs and cats and also how to use each product in detail.

Funny Pet Toy Laser Cat Stick with 3 Projection Patterns

It is a fact that cats love to chase. The funny pet laser cat stick is the best toy that can satisfy your cat's chasing instinct. This fantastic interactive toy has three cool projection patterns, such as the pink footprint, purple fishbone, and blue mouse.

How to use it?

Now you don't have to run after your cat all day to play and have a good time. Just choose the funny pet laser cat stick and press the button to turn it on. Relax on your cozy sofa and project the pattern onto the wall on the floor where your cat can see it. Your cat will definitely chase after it.

After some time, you will realize your pet preference of the projection pattern, and then you can use a specific pattern to start the playtime. This physical and mental exercise will keep your pet healthy and reduce boredom, anxiety, and any bad behavior.

When you feel your cat is tired after this exercise, turn off the button and give your cat a treat.


  • Always turn off the pet toy after use to increase its battery life.
  • Never leave your pet alone with the toy.
  • Keep this toy in a safe place out of the reach of pets and children.

Multifunctional and Retractable Feather Cat Teaser Pet/Cat Interactive Toy

The multifunctional and retractable feather teaser is a pet toy that stimulates the cat's senses and keeps them physically active. It will develop trust and company between the cat and its owner. The Cat teaser toy is made with a durable cord and soft feather ball.

How to use it?

Cat teaser is a multifunctional toy that you can use in different ways to provoke and stimulate your cat's hunting instinct.


You have to turn on the button since this soft feather ball is retractable; it flips in three different ways. These soft feather ball movements are irresistible to the cat. Your cat will jump, flip, chase, jump, and bite.

It can also stimulate your cat's flying insects and bird instinct as it is a gravitational stick. The feathered ball will fly, and this made your cat jump and has fun.

You can also open the ball and add catnip. As you know, catnip mimics the pheromones of the cat, and its smell makes the cat go crazy. Just grab the plastic button and add the cat's favorite cat thing "catnip" to the ball. It will intensify the game for your cat.


  • This product is made of pet-friendly material, but if your cat gobbles up the entire ball, you should contact your vet as she may choke
  • Never leave your cat alone with a pet toy.
  • Keep this toy in a safe place out of the reach of pets and children.

Pet toy Leaking Food & IQ Treat Ball for Dogs/Cats, Teeth Bite-Resistant and Mint flavor

If you are always worried that your pet will mess around the house while eating food, don't worry, get the pet toy leaking food can solve your problem.

How to use it?

It is very easy to use pet toy leaking food ball, just pull the molar granules and put food in it. When your pet chews on or plays with the chewy ball, the food will escape from the ball.

The leaky pet toy food ball is made with mint flavor and attracts your pet to play and chew.


  • The pet toy leaking food ball is made of non-toxic material, so there will be no problem chewing the ball.
  • If your pet ate the ball, you should contact your vet for treatment.

Interactive Pet Toy Ball & Food Dispenser for Dog & Cat

If you want your pets to stay healthy and keep learning new things when they eat food, then don't feed your dog in a food bowl. Always give them food in 2 in 1 interactive pet toy ball and food dispenser.

How to use it?

To put food into this interactive pet toy ball, you need to open the lid on top of the ball and put food inside. This toy ball is designed in such a way that each kibble will take time to reach your pet's mouth due to the multi-layered obstacles present in it.

The interactive bottom structure of the pet toy ball is based on gravity, which will never let it fall down.


  • The interactive toy ball and feed dispenser are made of high quality, odorless, and non-toxic material, so you don't have to worry about any kind of toxicity.
  • Follow the product icon for disassembly.

Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy, Mini Tennis Ball Throwing Machine for Dogs

Fetch the ball is the favorite game of almost all dogs, and the automatic ball launcher is the perfect toy for your pet when you are not around. It does not take up much space and can be kept indoors.

How to use it?     

It is effortless to use automatic ball launcher; just plug it into the socket, select the launch distance by pressing the button, and your dog will never be bored after that. Your dog can also learn to use this automatic ball launcher, and it is a great way to increase his mental capacity.


  • Please read the user manual before using the automatic ball launcher.
  • The ball launcher can work with an AC adapter and batteries; the AC adapter is included in the package.


Always choose the toy according to the needs and preferences of your pet. Use the toy according to the direction in which you will get the desirable results.

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