Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Intelligent Induction, Dust-free, Low Noise



Enjoy the freedom of never having to scoop litter for your cats again! Our Cat Litter Box features a gravity sensor at the bottom of the device, which can accurately detect the presence of cat litters. The sifting system can also separate waste and clumps with clean litter and deposit waste into our litter drawer. Adopting the automatic gravity sensor technology, our Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box can automatically clean up litters and keep your room odor free.
Main Features:
  • Safe & High Quality Material, Large Space - This cat litter box is made of environmentally friendly PP resin with stylish spherical design. It's pretty sturdy and durable. And it features a large inner space of 67L that can accommodate two cats at the same time.
  • Intelligent Induction & Self-cleaning - This intelligent automatic cat toilet features a gravity sensor that can perceive the cat's in and out, automatically clean the excrement, and put it in the trash can below for easy disposal.
  • Low Noise Operation - This automatic self-cleaning cat litter box is super quiet when running. It won't affect the family's rest even if working at night.
  • Splash-proof & Odor-free - This cat litter box comes with a splash-proof sand leakage pedal to prevent litter and urine from scattering on the tray, thus avoiding the cat to bring them out onto the floor. It's also equipped with the activated carbon deodorizing device to effectively prevent the emission of odor.
  • Waterproof, Detachable for Easy Cleanup - This cat litter box is fully waterproof and can be easily disassembled to wash.
Material: Automotive-grade & environmental-friendly antibacterial PP resin
Size: 58.7 x 62.4 x 53.7CM
Weight: 8.3kg
Scope of Application: 1-10kg cats
Cat litter capacity: 4kg
Trash capacity: 4L
Applicable cat litter: Applicable to spherical PVA, mineral sand, not applicable to strip-like, pine, crystal cat litter

1 x Cat litter box
1 x Falling sand pad
1 x Disposable garbage bag
1. We ship Worldwide!
2. The product gets shipped out within 2-3 days of placing the order.
3. Because of the very HIGH DEMAND, Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery!

How To Use The Cat Litter Box
1. You need to put cat litter in the cat litter box first before you start initiating the machine.
2. Only cats that are 3 months or older can use this Litter Box.
3. After you clean up the dumpster, you need to reset the machine to restart.
4. Don't put anything on top of the litter box to avoid misguiding the gravity sensor.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Intelligent Induction, Dust-free, Low Noise