Cat Cage Wooden & Metal Pet Cage Three-Storey & Four-Storey Available

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Your furry friends also need a safe and comfortable place to play and rest. Our large & multi-storey cat cage is a perfect choice for your little one, featuring a sturdy metal construction with wood frame design, durable and elegant. Our metal-wire cat cage is spacious enough for your kitten to take food, play around and explore. Equipped with reinforced shelf boards and hammock, this cate cage provides a useful vertical space for your cats to rest, jump for fun, or simply enjoy the view from a higher vantage point. It comes with large swing-open front doors (2 doors for 3-layer version, 3 doors for 4-layer version), which allows for easy cleaning, refilling food bowls and getting access to your cat from each layer. 

Main Features:

  • Reinforced metal construction with wood frame design
  • Multi-layer design offers a spacious room for your pet cat playing
  • Detachable oak boards allows your catty to play inside freely.
  • Large swing-open front doors with slipping door locks allows for easy cleaning & safe containment.
  • Paw friendly design - No gaps or pinch points


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Cat Cage Wooden & Metal Pet Cage Three-Storey & Four-Storey Available