Dog & Cat 5 in 1 Pet Grooming Kit, Dual Side Grooming Brush Set, Detachable Pet Hair Dematting Comb

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Main Features: 

  • Multifunctional Combination: 5 IN 1 pet grooming kit includes dematting comb and deshedding comb, bristle brush, pin brush and bath & massage brush. Combining different functions of dematting, deshedding and regular combing perfectly, you don’t need to purchase 5 different brushes and can keep your dog or cat healthy and clean. What’s more, it works fine on dogs and cats with all sizes and hair types!
  • Double-sided Detachable: Easy to use, clean, install and replace. With 5 different functions of the comb & brush, you just need to change the tool according to your demands. Brush heads and tools possess special secure locking design. Comfortable and ergonomic handle with a comfort grip and anti slip handles can prevent your hand and wrist strain effectively and relieve fatigue when helping pet clean.

  • Keep Safe & Healthy: Different types of brushes not only can remove dead and loose hair, eliminates tangles, knots, matted, dander and dirt, make your pets look great, but also can increase blood circulation and reduce the chance of pets getting dermatitis, thus making your pet's hair softer and more shiny! 


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Multifunctional pet grooming tool



Dematting comb

 19 teeth


 Stainless steel+ABS+TPR+PP


 500PCS, Customized Logo and Color is 1000pcs

Deshendding blade



This pet grooming brush featured with two sides,one side stainless steel blades and the other soft bristles or pins,great for grooming your cats, dogs and other pets, also ideal for eliminating tangles, taking a shower and massaging.


Dog & Cat 5 in 1 Pet Grooming Kit, Dual Side Grooming Brush Set, Detachable Pet Hair Dematting Comb