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Dog Molar Ball Chew Toy With Rope
Dog Molar Ball Chew Toy With Rope
Dog Molar Ball Chew Toy With Rope
Dog Molar Ball Chew Toy With Rope
Dog Molar Ball Chew Toy With Rope
Dog Molar Ball Chew Toy With Rope
Dog Molar Ball Chew Toy With Rope

Dog Molar Ball Chew Toy With Rope

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Dogs Toothbrush Cleaning ball Dog Molar Ball Chew Toy With Rope

Water floating dog toy with rope Cactus molar rod,Improve your dog's intelligence, convenient to train your dog. Made from natural rubber, bite-resistant and non-toxic, safe for your pets.The newly designed dog toothbrush can completely clean the dirt in the dog's mouth and protect the dog's oral health every day.

The edge of the molar column is specially designed for cleaning the incisor of the dog's teeth. When the dog uses this toy, the dog will use the incisor to bite the cut surface area, In this process, the dog's incisor teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, Daily protection of the dog's incisor will make the dog's incisor teeth more heaithier.

Originally designed zigzag-shaped molar protrusions of different sizes and molar strengths are arranged irregularly at 360° When pets use molars to chew this product, the molar bumps will clean the dog’s posterior calculus and dirt in an all-round way to fully protect the dog’s oral health. Facts have proved that our design is more effective than the products on the market.

The newly designed pet dog fangs tooth molar aisle has fully surpassed similar products.When pets bite the product, the sharp teeth will enter the curved cleaning tank in the molar channel, and the sharp molars arranged in parallel in the cleaning tank will clean the canine of the dog from top to bottom. This product can effectively remove the teeth and dirt at the roots of fangs to ensure the daily health of the dog's mouth.

[Water Floating Toy] This product can be directly thrown into the water when the dog is out for swimming or bathing. Due to the special material of the product, the toy can float on the water surface, which can effectively disperse the energy of the dog and let the owner take care of the dog Dogs are more time-saving, worry-free and labor-saving.

Apply pet-specific toothpaste or attractant on the outside of the newly designed tooth cleaning channel to have a better cleaning effect. You can also put dog snacks in the middle channel to increase the dog's interest in playing.

Separate the product from the cotton rope, and put dog snacks in the middle channel, which can be used as a food spill toy. The toy is suitable for pet dogs of any age, and the dog will feel very happy.

Made of newly upgraded anti-bite material,it can resist the long-term bite of pet dogs. But for the health of pets, we recommend that you use it for dogs no more than 20-30 minutes a day.Frequent use of this toy can relieve the dog's worries at home,improve IQ, and will not damage the home,clothes,etc.,and truly realize the dog brushing his teeth.