Dog Chew Toothbrush Toys - Squeaky Teeth Cleaning Toy, Puppy Brushing Stick Dental Oral Care


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If you have a dog who loves squeaky toys, they will love this one. Step on it in the middle of the night and you get a high pitched scream that will scare the crap out of you! It's better to clean the toothbrush before and affirm the body. 

First, you'd better need to raise its interest in this dog toothbrush. You can squeeze some peanut butter, coconut oil or whatever your dog loves on the surface of the brush.

After one week or longer time, your dog may be used to chewing it daily. Then you needn't put dog food anymore, just put some toothpaste for dental care. If it shows no interest after few days, you can guide him/her to play with this toy.


Main Features: 

  • 【Funny Design Dog Toothbrush】— With a simple style and special design, the funny rocket shape of dog toothbrush will keep your puppy enticed and distracted for a long time. It’s also a convenient and effective tool to help release your dogs’ pressure and establish your dogs’ trust with you.
  • 【Safe & Durable Material】— Made of 100% durable natural rubber, the toothbrush toy is safe and durable, which is bite resistant and gentle on your dog's gums. Made of safety grade material without BPA, it is used to ensure the food safety and protect health at the same time.
  • 【Effective Puppy Chewing Toys】 Best choice for your dog that loves playing indoor or outdoor place. It can not only satisfy your dog’s natural chewing interests, but also help relieve puppy teething pain and cultivate positive chewing habits during teeth brushing time, which can keep your puppies busy and happy.
  • 【Perfect Size】— Supporting less than 50 lbs weight chewer, the cute dog toothbrush squeaky toy seems more suitable for small and medium dogs, instead of large aggressive chewer dogs. It’s ideal for puppy and small dogs to make indoor and outdoor training, playing, chewing and chasing. Squeaker Dog Toothbrush is perfect for chasing and playing fetch, and helps provide your dog with daily exercise.


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Dog Chew Toothbrush Toys - Squeaky Teeth Cleaning Toy, Puppy Brushing Stick Dental Oral Care