Interactive Pet Toy Ball & Food Dispenser for Dog & Cat


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Instead of simply putting food in a bowl and feeding your dogs, do you ever think about adding some fun to their feeding time? If you do, we'd like to introduce our latest 2-in-1 interactive pet toy ball, which can easily get the attention of your pet to play with it as well as "working" hard to get his treats. It utilizes safe and durable materials that allows for your dog chewing and playing. Featuring the tumbler shape design and labyrinth inner structure, this dog food dispenser will reduce boredom and improve your dog's physical and mental health. 

Main Features:

  • 2-in-1 Interactive Toy & Food Dispener - This pet food ball is not a simple food dispenser, which combines pet feeding with game playing, working great for stimulating the pet's appetite and interest. It's specially designed to help your dogs or cats develop healthy eating habits as well as reducing destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise.
  • Safe Material & Unique design - This interactive pet food dispenser is made of high quality plastic (ABS+PC), non-toxic and non-odor material, much safer and durable than other similar products. The tumbler design adds more fun for pets to "win" their rewards after an active play of rolling the ball. The transparent part and the top cap with 3 air holes enable your dogs or cats to see and smell the snacks in side, thus attracting them towards this egg-shaped food ball instantly.
  • Slow Feeding for Better Digestion - This pet toy ball & food dispenser for dogs or cats adopts "labyrinth" inner structure and small outlet, which increase the difficulty and time of your pet hunting the food. In this case, this pet treat ball will slow down food feeding which helps improve digestion and prevent pet from bloating and obesity.
  • Improve Physical & Mental Health - In order to get food out from this dog food dispenser, your dog have to use its eye-paw coordination to play the ball which keeps him mentally and physically active. This helps improve the pets' intelligence.


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Interactive Pet Toy Ball & Food Dispenser for Dog & Cat