Pet Toy Leaking Food & IQ Treat Ball for Dogs/Cats, Teeth Bite-Resistant & Mint flavor

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Are you upset that your lovely pets always make mess at home? Or are you a little bit worried when they stay home alone? Well, this leaking food & IQ treat ball is a perfect toy will solve your problems. Made of 100% rubber, it’s environmental – friendly and clean. It can improve pets’ intelligence and sensitive and effectively divert their attentions when they’re alone. With the mint flavor, the pets like playing and chewing it, which also keeps their oral cavity healthy.

Main features:

  • Natural & safe material - Made of 100% pure and non-toxic rubber, the leaking food & IQ treat ball passed the test of en71-1-2-3-12,REACH161,16P FREE,PAHS,ASTM963 & EU test.
  • More exercise fun and IQ training - When your pets bite the treat ball, it can stimulate their mentality and body and improve their intelligence and sensitive. Even if they’re alone at home, the leaking food & IQ treat ball can arouse their exercise interests and keep them away from loneliness and boredom. It also reduces their destructive behavior to the surrounding environment.
  • Special leaking design - You can put some snacks into the groove of the leaking food & IQ ball. When the pets play or chew it, the food falls out of the ball.
  • Strengthen your relationship with the pets - It’s a good interactive toy between you and your pets, which makes you play and train together and obtain more entertainment. Your relationship will be much closer with it.
  • Oral cavity health for pets - With mint flavor, the leaking food & IQ treat ball easily attracts pets to play and chew. Same as human chewing the gum, it help pets clean and grind teeth, keeping their oral cavity healthy.


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Pet Toy Leaking Food & IQ Treat Ball for Dogs/Cats, Teeth Bite-Resistant & Mint flavor